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Planning Office

The Planning Office works with overall planning and follow-up of all activities, quality and evaluation issues in primary, secondary and science education. The Planning Office also provides administrative support to the university management.


PhD coordinator, Analyst, Environmenatl scanner

Fredrik Georgsson, other position

Quality developer. Member of the Board of Directors for SEFI (Société Européenne pour la Formation des Ingénieurs).

Ingela Westerlund, financial officer

Works primarily with the economy, human resources and work environment at Humlab. Is part of Humlab's management team. Has been working at the university since 2011.

Isabelle Riby, financial officer
Per Nilsson, analyst

Board member Nordic Centre in China and Nordic Centre India. Project manager for South Africa - Sweden University Forum. Member of SUHFs expert group for internationalisation issues.

Per Ragnarsson, other position

I hold the position as deputy university director and budget director at Umeå University. I am also head of the Planning Office.

Sune Karlsson, other position, senior consultant