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Hyperemesis Gravidarum Research in Umeå

Research network The Hyperemesis Or nausea in PrEgnancy (HOPE) study was established in 2019 as a collaboration between researchers at Umeå University, Norrland’s University Hospital (Region Västerbotten) and Örnsköldsvik’s Hospital (Region Västernorrland). The network is interdisciplinary and the research includes register studies, interviews and studies of biomarkers to create better conditions for adequate care and in the long run a cure for severe nausea and vomiting during pregnancy.

Many women experience nausea during pregnancy. The most severe form, Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG), is less common but can have serious consequences for the health of women and children. Within HOPE, patient-oriented research is focused on various aspects of the disease, such as what it is like to live with HG and how patients experience the treatment they are offered. Furthermore, studies include the relationship between HG and levels of different hormones that are formed during pregnancy.

There are many factors that determine whether or not HG develops during a pregnancy. With the help of precision medicine several of these factors can be integrated together with symptoms of HG to identify the disease as early as possible during pregnancy. This facilitates personalised care so that adequate and personalised treatment can be provided to alleviate the symptoms before they spiral out of control. Although there is currently no cure for HG, symptom relief is important to achieve.

HOPE is an interdisciplinary network of researchers, combining knowledge in different fields in their studies of HG. Patient participation is important in order to move the field forward. If you as a patient or carer have input to share on the research, or want to ask questions about the studies, you are welcome to contact the HOPE team by emailing one of the group leaders.

Head of research

Malin Linder Nording
Associate professor
Miles Trupp
Group leader
Marie-Therese Vinnars
Assistant professor, combined with clinical employment
Maria Lindqvist
Research fellow, associate professor, combined with clinical employment

External funding

Latest update: 2021-09-10