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Interventions, Addiction, Evaluation

Research conducted within this profile focuses on substance abuse and different forms of interventions and evaluations in social work. These areas are strongly related in research as well as in social work practice.

Interventions primarily relates to actions conducted by professionals (mainly social workers) in various settings, in order to improve the lives of individuals and families. For example, various forms of counselling, support and treatment or compulsory interventions. Research on interventions primarily concentrates on the content in different actions, how interventions are carried out, perceived and what they result in under different circumstances.

This research connects to research done on evaluation that focuses on how evaluations can explain how results in social work are generated. Strategies for accomplishing this are developing theory and methods to better analyse the specific complexity that characterizes social work.

Addiction research within the profile mainly focuses on substance abuse (alcohol, drugs, medications) and various forms of social intervention to help abusing individuals. Such interventions primarily cover voluntary interventions within the municipal social services, the health care system and compulsory care (LVM care) provided by The National Board of Institutional Care (SiS).

Addiction research within the profile mainly has a quantitative focus including statistical analysis of survey data and data from large-scale registers in local and state authorities. Researchers within the profile also conduct qualitative research on addiction, for example document analysis and interview studies.

Within the profile researchers conduct empirical research as well as theory development. In collaboration with organizations outside the university staff, profile members conduct evaluations and projects for organizational development. Profile members are also involved in teaching and supervising related to interventions, abuse and evaluation.

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