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Markus Carlborg lab

Research group Material transformation in high temperature processes using materialography and structure identification.

I work with developing new knowledge about, and understanding of material transformation in high-temperature processes, mainly with the help of materialography and structure identification.

Introduction of bio-based instead of fossil fuels means a change in the elemental composition of the ash, which changes the conditions for construction materials of such facilities. Refractory materials adapted to a certain type of environment thus risk performing worse in the new conditions. By studying the interaction between process substances and refractories, we can identify risks and mechanisms for degradation. With that understanding, material selection and process adjustments can reduce the need for service.

In a collaboration with the cement and lime industry, not only the construction materials come into focus, but also the manufactured product that comes into contact with the ash risks being affected by changes in ash chemistry or other changes in the heat transfer. Characterization of these materials is then needed to be able to better anticipate and understand any changes in the quality of the product.

Head of research

Markus Carlborg
Staff scientist


Latest update: 2022-04-29