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Optical frequency comb spectroscopy group

Research group Our group works with development and applications of optical frequency comb spectroscopy for broadband precision measurements of molecular spectra and for multispecies detection in combustion environment and under atmospheric conditions.

Optical frequency combs are produced by femtosecond mode-locked lasers, whose optical spectrum consists of a series of equidistant narrow lines spanning tens or hundreds of nanometers. The unique combination of wide optical bandwidth and high spectral resolution has opened up exciting new possibilities in spectroscopy. Spectroscopy performed with optical frequency combs is equivalent to a simultaneous measurement with thousands of narrow synchronized laser lines. Optical frequency comb spectroscopy has the potential to become the ultimate tool for precision spectroscopy and trace gas detection since it allows precise measurement of entire molecular bands and highly sensitive simultaneous detection of many molecular species in short acquisition times.

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“I was often the only female physicist among the men”

As a young woman in Poland, Aleksandra Foltynowicz broke the norms when she followed her passion for physics.

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