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The Department of Physics

The Department of Physics belongs to the Faculty of Science and Technology at Umeå University.

At present about 100 people work at the new Department of Physics, professors, lecturers, researchers, guest professors, postdocs, doctoral students, and technical and administrative staff.

We carry out research and research education in various fields, for example in optical physics, nonlinear physics, plasma physics, general relativity, condensed matter physics and nanotechnology, photonics, biological physics, complex networks, space physics and physics education.


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Events and News

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The world's first AI-controlled forest machine trained in Umeå
Published: 2024-06-20

The AI system has been developed on a supercomputer in several million training steps.

IceLab kickoff conference propels stress response research
Published: 2024-06-18

Kickoffen för Stress Response Modeling vid IceLab den 10-11 juni innebar en lovande start för det nya centret.

Umeå University is highly represented at Arctic Congress 2024
Published: 2024-06-14

The Arctic Congress 2024 gathered many researchers from Umeå University who presented their research.