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Learning in police work

Profile area The police-work research conducted within the police training and professional development profile area is wide and broadly covers training, learning and change in relation to police practice and societal changes.

This profile deals with issues such as: training to become a police officer; the transition from studies to working life; on-the-job training; and, continuing professional development. Within the profile, there is ongoing research into, for example, creating the right conditions for developing profession-centred knowledge through exercises and simulations in both first and second-cycle programmes.

Examples of other studies are: the relationships between informal learning, the role of the teacher and teaching practice for various categories of teachers in the police programme; and, opportunities and challenges in the transition from first-cycle programme to working life. Research within the profile is conducted in collaboration with other departments at Umeå University and the Swedish Police.

Contact person for the research profile

David Sjöberg
Associate professor
Annika Johansson
Associate professor


Participating departments and units at Umeå University

Police Education Unit
Latest update: 2022-03-28