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Stress and Health in Policing

Profile area The police-work research conducted within the stress and health profile area deals with central issues in the everyday worlds of police officers and police students. How individual police officers cope with the stress they encounter in their work is a question of great relevance in police work.

Other aspects and consequences of stress management are also studied within the profile. Central questions are how police officers handle traumatic experiences in their work and in what ways they are mentally resistant. Working from various scholarly problematisations, the profile deals with the general health and mental ill health of active police officers and police students.

Within the profile, there are also important themes touching on individuality and socialisation processes during the programme and in the police organisation. The profile’s researchers aim to conduct research close to, and in collaboration with, police programme teachers as well as in interaction with various operations close to the police. This enables the identification of a greater number of research questions that are relevant to practical policing. At the same time, it also increases research result applicability in both the programme and the Swedish Police Authority.

Contact person for the research profile

Johanna Sundqvist
Associate professor, other position
Mikael Emsing
Associate professor


Participating departments and units at Umeå University

Unit of Police Work
Latest update: 2022-03-28