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The Organic Electronics and Photonics Group

Research group Organic electronics constitute the synthesis and study of organic materials with electronic and/or photonic function and the realization of functional devices based on such materials. Ludvig Edman's group investigates a broad range of organic and organic-hybrid electronic materials, including conjugated polymers, fullerenes, graphene, transition-metal complexes and perovskites, and utilize the best performing materials for the development of light-emission devices, solar cells and transistors.

We have demonstrated light-emitting electrochemical cells that can emit efficiently with essentially any emission color, including white and IR, which can be completely metal free, and which can be fabricated over large areas with cost- and energy-efficient coating and printing methods.

We have further conceptualized a novel patterning method, with which we can realize sub-micron electronically active patterns over large areas, and fabricated high-performance solar cells that have been utilized for the efficient conversion of solar radiation to hydrogen fuel.

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Bright and efficient light without rare metals

Umeå Physicists show environmental friendy alternatives for efficient light-emitting electrochemical cells.