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Comparative Research Center Sweden (CORS)

Research infrastructure CORS is a national consortium of six research infrastructures for survey-based research within the social sciences.

Five of the largest and best known survey-based research programs in Sweden are members of CORS;

The Laboratory of Opinion Research (LORE) is also a member of CORS. LORE is an organization within the University of Gothenburg, devoted to conduct data collection through web questionnaires. LORE aims to be a one-stop service organization for researchers, providing qualified consultation on web-based research and instrumental design as well as data collection and data processing.

The aim of CORS is to provide tools for survey-based research, in order to create the best possible conditions for Swedish research. CORS is engaging in several outreach activities, for example seminars, conferences, courses, popular science publications and the building of knowledge about comparative research within the social sciences.

The survey-based research infrastructures that are part of CORS are studying how human behaviour, values, attitudes, health and quality of life differ, both between countries and between regions, and also within populations. This means that changes in social phenomena can be studied in relation to events at institutional levels. Two of the surveys that make up CORS are Swedish nodes in ERIC consortiums: ESS-ERIC and SHARE-ERIC, which are both ESFRI landmarks.

Funding for CORS is provided by the Swedish Research Council, Umeå University, Gothenburg University and Mid Sweden University.

For further information: https://cors.se/en/widget-en/


Latest update: 2023-02-13