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Comparative Research Center Sweden (CORS)

CORS is reserch infrastructure that contains the largest, most influential and most widely used international survey programs in Sweden.

CORS is a research center that coordinates and provides accessibility to infrastructure for research within the social sciences. CORS research focuses on human values, behavior, attitudes, preferences, opinions, health and quality of life, and aims to make comparisons across different countries.

The Swedish representation of some of the largest, most influential and most widely used survey research programs, nationally and internationally, are part of CORS. These include;

Also a member of CORS is the Laboratory of Opinion Research (LORE), an organization within the University of Gothenburg, devoted to conduct data collection through web questionnaires.

Alongside practicing research and data collection, CORS is engaging in several outreach activities, for example seminars, conferences, courses, popular science publications and the building of knowledge about comparative research within the social sciences.

Funding for CORS is provided by the Swedish Research Council, Umeå University, Gothenburg University and Mid Sweden University.

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