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Research infrastructure Huminfra is a Swedish national infrastructure supporting digital and experimental research in the Humanities by providing users with a single entry point for finding existing Swedish materials and research tools, as well as developing national method courses. Huminfra is coordinated by Lund University Humanities Lab, and comprises 12 universities and organisations.

The web-based information platform huminfra.se compiles and links to Swedish digital/e-scientific data sets, tools, expertise and educational opportunities and makes these easily identifiable and accessible. This joint entry to relevant resources and tools for researchers in the Humanities in Sweden contributes to national efficiency and competitiveness. Further, Huminfra aims to create new national courses in e-scientific/digital methods as well as preparing and applying for Swedish membership in in the European Research Infrastructure Consortium, The Digital Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities (DARIAH-EU).

Huminra’s vision is to strengthen and promote Swedish Humanities and ensure its international competitive edge. Huminfra will reinforce research in areas of specific interest to Sweden (cultural heritage, languages spoken in Sweden, national archives) and make such research and resources internationally visible and accessible through DARIAH-EU. Huminfra will enhance the visibility of the Humanities, create new possibilities for innovation and impact, and promote collaboration with societal stakeholders such as cultural institutions, education, health and industry.

Huminfra is funded by the Swedish Research Council.

The 12 Huminfra Consortium nodes are:

  1. Lund University, Humanities Lab
  2. Humlab, Umeå University
  3. Digital Humanities, Linnaeus University
  4. Gothenburg Research Infrastructure in the Humanities, University of Gothenburg
  5. Språkbanken Text, University of Gothenburg
  6. Språkbanken Tal, KTH/the Royal Institute of Technology
  7. Digital Human Science Network, Stockholm University
  8. KBLab, National Library of Sweden
  9. The Swedish National Archives
  10. Centre for Digital Humanities, Uppsala University
  11. Swedish School of Library and Information Science, University of Borås
  12. Digital Laboratory Centre, Halmstad University


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Latest update: 2023-03-10