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Image: Malin Grönborg

Research Consultancy at the Environmental Archaeology Lab

Research consultancy is a central component of our organisation's mission and we are active in a variety of projects from both smaller to larger, multi-year projects internationally.

The Environmental Archaeology Lab has been engaged in research consultancy since the early 1990's, and has provided important results, guidance and interpretations for a significant number of projects (see reports for an overview of work from recent years). The lab has a broad knowledge base and can offer a variety of services connected to archaeology and the natural sciences. The most commonly requested analyses include plant macrofossil analyses, soil science/geoarchaeology, pollen analysis and (sub)fossil insect analyses. In larger projects, soil micromorphology, diatom analysis and other methods may be offered through our partners in London and Umeå.

MAL also offers consultation before a project or contract starts, including advice on suitable sampling strategies, choice of methods or the drafting of a research/tender plan for environmental analyses. In our role as a national resource for environmental archaeology, we prefer to undertake research consultancy in project form, with our staff involved from the initial phases of the project. This allows the lab's skills to be efficiently employed and ensures the most suitable approach for investigating your research questions.

Do you want to send us samples or discuss a project? Please contact us well in advance of any excavation to ensure that we can schedule your contract to fit in with our on-going commitments.

Latest update: 2024-01-18