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TEM sample preparation practical course, 22-26 April 2024

TEM sample preparation course – ultra-microtome sectioning, chemical fixation, plastic embedding, TEM imaging, high-pressure freezing & freeze substitution, immunolabeling techniques (Immunogold, CLEM), volume EM (FIB-SEM & Tomography)

Application deadline: 27 March 2024.


This is a practical course on sample preparation for TEM and includes:

  • Ultra-microtome sectioning
  • Chemical fixation
  • Plastic embedding
  • TEM imaging
  • High-pressure freezing & freeze substitution
  • Immunolabeling techniques (Immunogold, CLEM)
  • Volume EM (FIB-SEM & Tomography)

Participants will practice TEM sample preparation and TEM imaging with a sample from their own project. Lab space limits the number of participants to 8, chosen by motivation and project aim. Write a short project description, motivation for participating and what sample you would like to bring for the course. Fixation and plastic embedding take time, therefore one test-sample should be brought to be prepared before the course, and a new test-sample is brought for the first day.

In addition, a small presentation about an EM-project idea of your own should be prepared and presented on the last day.

Participants should attend all theoretical and practical parts of the course to receive a certificate of 1,5 hp.

Pre-requisite criterion: Basic EM course at UCEM or previous equal experiences with EM methods.

Teachers: Sara Henriksson, Agnieszka Ziolkowska, Narin Mohamad and Linda Sandblad

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