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Umeå Centre for Electron Microscopy (UCEM)

Research infrastructure Umeå Centre for Electron Microscopy (UCEM) is a joint resource for research and higher education in electron microscopy techniques. Electron microscopy is used for structural and chemical characterization of materials at micro and nano-meter length scales. Medical and biological samples are prepared, imaged and analyzed in 3D. Also, structure biology projects are addressed by cryo electron microscopy.


Scanning Electron Microscopy


Transmission Electron Microscopy

Leica Ultra microtomes
Sample preparation

Sample preparation equipment


Cryo-Electron Microscopy


Correlative Light and Electron Microscopy

Diffraction pattern of sugar from a Glacios electron microscope at UCEM, Umeå Center for Electron Microscopy.

3D structure determination using electron diffraction

The aims of the Centre are (1) providing high-quality service and technical in scanning and transmission electron microscopy, (2) conducting basic and practical courses, workshops and training on electron microscopy, and (3) assisting in cross-disciplinary research activities on the development and applications of advanced methodologies in electron microscopy and microanalysis.

Latest update: 2024-03-08