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Research Restaurant

Research infrastructure The Department of Food, Nutrition and Culinary Sciences have Sweden's most technologically advanced kitchen and dining room, which means that Umeå is advancing its position as a gastronomic metropolis in the north.

The research restaurant is a place for students, teachers, and researchers to work innovatively, breaking norms and innovative thinking in relation to current societal challenges.

The unique environment enables interaction between theory and practice and contributes to a cross-fertilization of knowledge and interdisciplinarity. Video technology allows documentation and data collection and provides the conditions to use the research restaurant as an infrastructure that breaks boundaries.

The research restaurant is located on floor 3 of the Teacher Education Building at Umeå University.


  • Complete professional kitchen
  • Complete professional dining room
  • Video system with seven cameras and microphones to document activities
  • Multi-channel sound system to create different sound environments

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Latest update: 2023-02-24