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The Biobank Research Unit

Research infrastructure The Biobank Research Unit coordinates access to register data and samples from about 50 sample collections.

The Biobank Research Unit

  • supports researchers in planning and conducting register- and biobank-based studies and
  • ensures that the research material under its administration are well-maintained and continuously developed so that its potential can be utilised for the best possible research.

Each year, the Biobank Research Unit provides the necessary support so that samples from about 20 000 individuals are sent for analysis, around 30 research projects are set up, and about 100 scientific articles are published. The unit supports research projects utilising both biobank samples and/or survey data.

About the Biobank Research Unit

  • The Biobank Research Unit manages the Northern Sweden Health and Disease Study (NSHDS) database.
  • The Biobank Research Unit and Biobanken Norr at Region Västerbotten together make up the Umeå node of Biobank Sweden.
  • The Biobank Research Unit coordinates Umeå University's participation in EPIC.

Strategic relevance

The Biobank Research Unit provides researchers with services that create the conditions for world-class research.

The basis for the work is our region’s world-unique combination of high-quality samples and data, strong national and international networks, and the expertise developed within Umeå University and Region Västerbotten.

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Latest update: 2024-02-29