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Umeå Centre for Comparative Biology (UCCB)

Research infrastructure Biomedical research on experimental animals at Umeå University is organized within Umeå Centre for Comparative Biology (UCCB).

UCCB is a modern experimental animal facility that handles most of the experimental animals used by biomedical researchers at Umeå University. We also organise theoretical and practical education in laboratory animal science and offer service and expert support to our users.

There are also a number of advanced instruments at UCCB that specialise in analysing different aspects of animal physiology such as MRI camera, PET / CT scanner, Echo-MRI, ultrasound, analysers for blood cell composition and blood chemistry, climate chamber and metabolic cages.

In addition, a transgene facility is available where genetically modified animals can be produced and their genetic properties determined by genotyping of genomic DNA. Freeze storage of sperm and purification (so-called embryo transfer) and in vitro fertilisation (IVF) of mouse strains can also be performed.

Strategic relevance

In order to understand how genetics, epigenetics, and environmental factors interact with the individual and affects health including mental health. Therefore will studies on experimental animals be necessary in life science research for a foreseeable future.

This type of research can also bridge the gap to social science and the humanities (i.e., mental health and behavioral science). A modern animal facility with advanced equipment to be able to analyse various aspects of animal physiology in genetically modified animals is therefore a requirement for conducting state-of-the-art and cutting edge biomedical research.

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Leif Carlsson
Professor, Prefekt
Phone +46-90-786 6430

Latest update: 2019-03-05