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Umeå Hypoxia Research Facility (UHRF)

Research infrastructure A facility for performing experiments under hypoxic conditions has been created at the Molecular Biology Department at Umeå University.

Instruments at the facility

About UHRF

UHRF is a facility for working under controlled oxygen concentrations with eukaryotic and prokaryotic organisms. It consists of 5 hypoxic/anoxic workstations (Don Whitley Scientific): 2x H35, 1x H135 (with HEPA filter and an Epoch2 plate reader), 1x DG250 workstation, and an Anoxomat (Advanced Instruments). In addition, we have a chemostate (Bioflo 120, Eppendorf) for microbial growth under highly controlled conditions, a cell sorter (Biorad S3), and several incubators, shakers and refrigerated centrifuges. A yearly survey will collect user’s feedback to guide the incorporation of future equipment.

General Policies and Rules

Please note that policies and rules may be updated. To ensure you have the most recent policy, contact Emilio Bueno or Felipe Cava.

Last update 2021-01-28:

  1. The User Club membership provides access to all the equipment present in the facility with a yearly fee of 10,000 SEK. In addition, there will be a fee for each user per year depending on the estimated number of times that the facility will be used (see Services fees below).

  2. For use of any equipment at UHRF it is mandatory to take the corresponding training introduction. If users are found to lack appropriate training introduction for the equipment, access to the facility will be terminated for the user and the corresponding group and PI.

  3. If the instrument is damaged due to its incorrect use, the Principal Investigator will be charged accordingly.

  4. The Principal Investigator must provide a list of people from the lab that will have access to the instrument in order to get access to the room.

  5. Services from the UHRF includes training courses, scientific support/recommendation, cleaning of the equipment, continuous gases supply and weekly calibration of the instruments.

  6. The agreement for use of UHRF must be renewed every year.


Please note that fees may be updated. To ensure you have the most recent fees, contact Emilio Bueno or Felipe Cava.

User club fee (per lab/year):
All instruments: 10,000 SEK

Training and License (one-time fee per user):
All instruments: 300 SEK/person

Booking fees:

Manipulation time:
H135 (hypoxic): 20 SEK/h
H35 (hypoxic): 20 SEK/h
DG250 (anoxic): 20 SEK/h
Chemostate: 200 SEK/day
Cell sorter: 350 SEK/h

Long-term incubations:
H135 (hypoxic): 14 SEK/h
H35anox and A35 (Anoxic): 14 SEK/h
DG250 (anoxic): 14 SEK/h
Anoxomat: 1 SEK/h

Where are we?

UHRF is located in room 6L-004 on floor -1 in the Department of Molecular Biology. 

If you need to visit Emilio Bueno's office, it is located in room 6K-10 on floor 0. His working hours are from 9.30 to 13.30.


UHRF Courses and Events

Find seminars, courses, workshops, and symposiums related to Umeå Hypoxia Research Facility listed here.

Booking of Instruments at UHRF

To book some of the instruments available in the UHRF, visit the link below and log in with your own lab user/password and book your dates.*

Booking of instruments in the UHRF

Booking Fees

Please note that booking fees may be updated. To ensure you have the most recent booking fees, contact Emilio Bueno or Felipe Cava.

Daily use:

H135 (hypoxic): 35 SEK/h
H35 (hypoxic): 20 SEK/h
DG250 (anoxic): 15 SEK/h
Chemostate: 200 SEK/day
Cell sorter: 35 SEK/h

Long-term incubations: 

H135 (hypoxic): 1 SEK/h
H35 (hypoxic): 1 SEK/h
DG250 (anoxic): 1 SEK/h
Anoxomat: 1 SEK/h


*Cancellation policy: The entire fee will be charged if the booking is not cancelled 24h ahead of use.

Training and incidences, contact:


Emilio Bueno
Staff scientist


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Latest update: 2024-04-11