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Data retrieval process

Get access to the secured Canvas site “Umeå SIMSAM Lab”. Ask for access by sending an e-mail to someone in the steering group and they will notify jenny.haggstrom@umu.se.

Use the online tool (link in Canvas) to 1) decide which populations and variables you want to apply for and 2) fill in the data access application.

Send the application to the person responsible for data retrieval (i.e. jenny.haggstrom@umu.se). The person responsible for data retrieval will read your application and either get back to you regarding changes needed in the application or, if no changes are needed, forward the application to the steering group.

When the steering group has approved the application, the data will be retrieved and stored in a folder accessible from the computers in the Umeå SIMSAM Lab.

To get access to the data and the Umeå SIMSAM Lab the researcher should read the security policy (“Säkerhetspolicy (inkl. sekretess-blankett)” in Canvas) and then sign and hand in the non-disclosure agreement (last page of the security policy document) to the person responsible for data retrieval.

Finally, the researcher should visit Erik Bäckström (erik.backstrom@umu.se), at The Department of Geography and Economic History, and he will arrange for user name and password to the computers as well as access to the Umeå SIMSAM Lab.

Latest update: 2022-02-22