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Instrument park of the X-ray Diffraction Facility (XRDF)

Nano-drop crystallization robot

Nano-drop crystallization robot (mosquito®, TPP LabTech) for screening of
crystallization conditions

A Formulatrix R1000 crystallization hotel

A Formulatrix “Rockimager” crystallization imaging and storage cabinet

A Formulatrix 16-head dispensor robot

“Rockmaker” liquid handling robot

X-ray diffraction system

A high brilliance X-ray diffraction system (X8 PROTEUM, Bruker AXS) that produces a fine focused, monochromatic X-ray beam of a wavelength λ = 1.54 Å (Cu- Kα radiation). Crystals are positioned in the beam with a kappa goniometer

CryoStream 700

A CryoStream 700 (Oxford) maintains the crystals at 100K during data collection


High-end computing equipment and sophisticated software for data collection and analysis

The platform has direct access to an Agilent 1200 Series High-Throughput LC/ UV/Mass-Spec system