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Images of Norrland

This sub-project will study how ideas and images of attractive places are reproduced, challenged and changed. In particular, we study how imagined and real challenges and "problems" in Norrland are portrayed.

The research wants to investigate questions such as:

  • How are Norrland and the green investments represented in national media and politics?
  • What is perceived as Norrland's challenges/problems/advantages?
  • What assumptions form the basis for place marketing strategies and other initiatives implemented to make Norrland more attractive?
  • How do local actors view the future of their local area and of Norrland as a whole?
  • How can power relations and outdated discourses about Norrland be questioned, broken down and replaced with more inclusive, locally rooted and sustainable narratives?

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Deltagande forskare

Madeleine Eriksson
Associate professor
Evelina Liliequist
Associate professor
Latest update: 2023-06-19