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Home Participatory Orchestra

Research project Home Participatory Orchestra (HPO) is a SVP-project funded by UmArts. In HPO artistic researcher and composer Anders Lind explores a participatory approach to networked music performance (telematic performance) addressing laymen and novices as performers.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic we have seen an increasing number of live music performances distributed over the internet, such as online concerts and choirs. The aim of this project is to explore the artistic challenges and possibilities of a telematic performance model addressing laymen as performers. The project is linked to the overall field of New Media Art. Research is conducted within the field of New Interfaces for Musical Expressions (NIME), intersecting areas as; telematic performance, soundscape composition, participatory art, and animated notation.

Head of project

Anders Lind
Associate professor

Project overview

Project period:

Start date: 2021-01-01

Participating departments and units at Umeå University

Department of Creative Studies, UmArts

Research area

Digital humanities

Project description

This project embraces and explores the conditions of a telematic performance model defined in the project as a Home Participatory Orchestra (HPO). In HPO the traditional concert hall is replaced with multiple digitally mediated spaces distributed over the network. The traditional conductor and score are replaced by web-based animated notation. Furthermore, the HPO embraces participants regardless musical background, who will use everyday objects and their home environment as musical instruments. The project investigates how the conditions of the HPO model, propose new challenges for music composition and performance processes, such as latency and uncertainty embedded in the telematic performance setting, moreover, how to give performance instructions, and to conduct a live performance when addressing laymen performers. The research is conducted through several short iterations. A media ecology theoretical perspective is guiding the research processes. The project has so far generated artistic publications (compositions and performances) and research outputs in international contexts.

Selected Artistic Output and Research Publications related to the project:

Lind, Anders. 2021. MmmUMmmbling - Networked Animated Notation for Telematic Choir. Conference Presentation/performance at TENOR 2021 conference in Hamburg. https://youtu.be/1sumbS_c8Y4?t=3900
retrieved 2022.03.14

Lind, Anders. 2021. Pen and Paper Quartet. Conference presentation at SAR 2021. Mdw – University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna. https://www.researchcatalogue.net/view/1591792/1591775 retrieved 2022.03.14

Lind, Anders. 2021. Musical Articulations for Toothbrush Quartet. Conference presentation at Swedish Research Council Symposium on Artistic Research 2021. Inkonst, Malmö.

Lind, Anders. 2020. Latency Music. Networked Music Performance. https://www.youtube.com/live/QTnGb2kH4A0?feature=share retrieved 2022.03.14

Lind, Anders. 2020. Embracing Distance. Networked Music Performance. https://youtu.be/rOhMFagkxAE retrieved 2022.03.14

Lind, Anders. 2018. Animated notation in multiple parts for crowd of non-professional performers. In NIME 2018, Blacksburg, Virginia, USA (pp. 13-18). The International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression.

Latest update: 2023-06-04