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IMMPACT – In-exclusion and Materialities in Mathematics and Physics enACTments

Research project Who feels welcomed in mathematics and physics at university level and why? We study the path of students from under-represented groups into these fields and the identities that they build as they engage with these subject areas.

IMMPACT takes a novel approach to understand processes of inclusion and exclusion in higher education mathematics and physics by focusing on the relationship between students’ identity enactment and scientific practices. It investigates the trajectories of students from diverse, underrepresented backgrounds when entering university mathematics and physics, and how students enact an identity when engaging in their bachelor studies.


Maria Berge
Associate professor

Project overview

Project period:

2022-01-01 2025-12-31

External funding

Swedish Research Council

Project description

The project advances existing research by bringing together mathematical and physics identity research, with a theoretical approach inspired by sociomaterial studies, and a mix-method longitudinal methodological design. The project re-examines the challenges of retaining a diversity of students in university mathematics and physics education. Paola Valero (SU) is head of the project.

Read more about the project at Stockholm University.

External funding

Latest update: 2023-10-05