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Social Media as Shared Spaces for Collective Coping

Research project As illustrated by globally notable events such as 9/11, and by a number of significant events in Nordic countries throughout the last decade, social media have become important spaces for navigating the boundary crises that ensue when trauma strikes a collective.

In recent years, as research and literature on e-health and social support online have flourished, there has been increased interest in the opportunities that social media platforms present in helping people in stressful situations. While this research has been focused on smaller groups, and on specific forms of diagnoses or victimization, this project will look at broader collective processes of coping that come to the fore in relation to traumatic public events that affect entire societies.

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Project period:

2013-07-01 2016-06-30

Participating departments and units at Umeå University

Department of Sociology
Latest update: 2022-10-27