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Staff photo Moa Eriksson Krutrök

Moa Eriksson Krutrök

My research concerns the use of social media in relation to terrorist attacks and how this use of social media may influence societal meaning making after such attacks.

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Doctoral student at Department of Sociology
Hus Y, Beteendevetarhuset & Norra beteendevetarhuset Mediagränd 14, Beteendevetarhuset, Umeå universitet, 901 87 Umeå

I am a doctoral student at the department of Sociology at Umeå university. My main areas of interest concern the use of social media for the formation of discursive meaning after terrorist attacks, such as Utøya or the lorry attack in Stockholm in 2017. The discourses taking place online helps to provide meaning and collective understanding to these types of events, and in some cases may provide a platform for swift resiliency. My thesis aims to explore the reactions spread on social media following terrorist attacks, and how these digital platforms may alter or transform the ways in which such attacks are collectively understood and interpreted.

I am also a board member of DIGSUM – a transdisciplinary academic research centre for the study of the impact of digital technology and the Internet on society, and the impact of society on digital technology and communications.

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Eriksson, Moa

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