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Sustainable work as and with recruitment of qualified teachers within the aesthetic subjects in Arctic Sweden

PhD project The aim of this thesis is to acquire knowledge about, analyze and discuss factors that are decisive for the recruitment of certified teachers in the arts (bild in Swedish) and music subjects in northern Sweden's rural municipalities with a focus on social sustainable development.

It is a human democratic right for all children to have qualitative education in school. One way of raising the quality of education in school is by educating teachers, which is ensured teacher certification. There are geographical differences in the percentage of qualified teachers in Sweden. In Arctic Sweden, the municipalities are in majority rural and have difficulties hiring teachers in the aesthetic subjects.

Head of project

Jakob Wickzell
Doctoral student

Project overview

Project period:

2023-10-10 2028-10-10

Participating departments and units at Umeå University

Arctic Centre at Umeå University, Department of Creative Studies

Research area

Educational sciences

Project description

In this dissertation I look into which factors influence art and music teachers' choice of working in northern Sweden's rural areas, and what impact they have on their teaching. The study also examines which approaches rural principals, and local politicians working for education administration in these areas, have for fostering a sustainable development of certified teachers in the aesthetic subjects, as well as how they interpret and implement regulations from state to municipal level.

Latest update: 2024-01-17