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The Ambox Study – Can level of physical activity increase if patients with COPD use ambulatory oxygen?

Research project In a randomized, controlled multicenter study we explore how patients with COPD and exercise induced hypoxemia are affected by using oxygen during physical exercise. We study the effect on physical capacity, level of physical activity and health related quality of life.

People with COPD do often experience dyspnea during exercise which leads to a decreased level of physical activity. In some cases the dyspnea is partly due to exercise induced hypoxia. Today patients with exercise induced hypoxemia are treated different in different countries and there is no consensus whether they should have supplemental oxygen during exercise or not. Because of the convincing positive effects from physical activity and exercise in patients with COPD it is of great importance to examine how we can treat patients with exercise induce hypoxemia. In a randomized controlled multicenter study, led by the Department of Neuroscience, Physiotherapy, Uppsala University, we study the effect of ambulatory oxygen regarding exercise capacity, physical activity level and quality of life.

Head of project

Karin Wadell
Professor, combined with clinical employment

Project overview

Project period:

2013-01-01 2017-12-31

Participating departments and units at Umeå University

Department of Community Medicine and Rehabilitation

Project description

Physiotherapy, pulmonary medicine