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Faculty of Arts and Humanities Doctoral College

The Faculty of Arts and Humanities Doctoral College is an interdisciplinary forum for critical discussion on the role of humanities research. FADC also provides opportunities for doctoral students to develop important skills for future employment both within and outside of academia, this is done through a course package offered by FADC as well as a number of workshops – all available to doctoral students within the Faculty of Arts.

FADC was founded in 2008 with the aim to:

  • add value to doctoral studies
  • improve the quality of education for doctoral students
  • support doctoral students to obtain the skills required for successful future
  • careers within and outside the academy expose doctoral students to interdisciplinary contexts
  • offer a social and educational space for doctoral students and supervisors
    to interact and exchange ideas
  • provide a way to exchange ideas about doctoral education between different disciplines
  • promote cross-border and interdisciplinary collaboration within and outside the faculty
  • provide a course package of 10 credits, which is topical and relevant for the doctoral students

General terms and conditions:

All doctoral students should be affiliated with a research college. In most cases this means that the Faculty of Arts doctoral students are affiliated with FADC. If the doctoral student is affiliated with a different research college, this is determined when the doctoral student is accepted and further when the individual study plan is drawn up.

The doctoral student must gain at least 10 course credits within a research college. FADC's course package is presented below.

FADC’s course package:

Developing as a Doctoral Researcher 5 hp – Offered in semester 1 and 2 for new doctoral students

Advanced Academic Writing 2,5 hp – Offered semester 3

Leadership and Career Planning 2,5 hp – Offered semester 7

It is up to the doctoral students, together with their supervisors, to determine which courses they will take and to enter this into the individual study plan.


Director for FADC is Virginia Langum
Co-director for FADC is Kristina Sehlin Macneil

Latest update: 2023-10-25