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Amrei Aubrunner

My research focuses on second homes, mobility, and development in sparsely populated areas. 

Works at

Doctoral student at Department of Geography
Samhällsvetarhuset, Plan 2& 3 Umeå universitet, 901 87 Umeå

This project is carried out in collaboration between Umeå University (specifically, the Industrial Doctoral School and the Department of Geography) and Region 10 (a collaborative organization of 10 inland municipalities in Västerbotten and Norrbotten). The primary objective of this project is to investigate the extent, significance, and potential of second-home tourism in the region, as well as its impact on local and regional development.

The project stands at the forefront of research by including new types of accommodations in the concept of second homes, thereby contributing to an enhanced understanding of this phenomenon. The project also examines the utilization rate of second homes in the area to estimate the extent and significance of the phenomenon for rural municipalities, which is not yet studied. Beyond that, the economic impact of second-home tourism will be studied in sectors that are generally not associated with the tourism industry, such as the construction industry. The studies also utilize innovative methods and approaches that will contribute to increased knowledge for the municipalities in Region 10, which can be important in developing strategic decisions regarding local and regional development.