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Andreas Back

Andreas Back is an assistant professor in human geography. His research is about second-home tourism, regional development, public planning and housing.



Works at

Assistant professor at Department of Geography Section: Geography

I am an assistant professor in human geography at the Department of Geography.

My research is about how society is affected by the mobility of people, resources and capital. I teach courses introducing human geography as a subject for new students, but also courses on tourism planning, planning theory, social geography and global justice. I supervise students writing theses at bachelor, magister and master level.

In my doctoral thesis from 2020, I studied how leisure tourism affects municipalities' social planning and housing markets. In this, I investigated how the interaction between society and the economy results in changing conditions, opportunities and challenges, which municipalities left to manage the resulting situations as best they can.

My current research focuses mainly on the link between tourism and work. I study how leisure tourism affects the labor market, for example in the construction sector. During 2024 to 2026, I am participating in the Formas-funded research project One foot here, one foot there, with a focus on holiday homes as workplaces, for remote work and work in creative and cultural industries.

I review article manuscripts for scientific journals such as Annals of Tourism Research, Tourism Geographies, Current Issues in Tourism, Housing Studies, Journal of Housing and the Built Environment, as well as Scandinavian Journal of Hospitality and Tourism.

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I teach on bachelor and master level. My teaching is mainly focused on tourism and public planning, but also fundamental concepts and perspectives in human geography.