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Staff photo Anna-Britt Coe

Anna-Britt Coe

My research focuses on how and why social movements influence society and policies as well as how and why young people practice politics by merging boundaries between the state and society.

Works at

Associate professor at Department of Sociology
Hus Y, Beteendevetarhuset & Norra beteendevetarhuset Mediagränd 14, Beteendevetarhuset, Umeå universitet, 901 87 Umeå

I work as a teacher and researcher at the Department of Sociology, Umeå University. I am the coordinator of the multidisciplinary Master’s Program in Leadership and Organization at Umeå University, which is a collaboration between five departments: psychology, pedagogy, political science, business administration and sociology. My teaching spans undergraduate and graduate courses on organizational sociology, qualitative research methods and sociological theory.

My research focuses on two main questions: how do social movements influence society and policies, and how do young adults create activism according to their own understandings of politics and political action. I study everyday practices, social processes and the construction of power relations based on gender, age and racialization. My empirical cases consist of activism in Sweden and Latin America on safety and safe public spaces, feminism, and sexual and reproductive rights.

I collaborate on PhD and post-doctoral projects that investigate:

•  How place matters for young adults’ political engagement in rural areas,
•  Stigma-related emotions and their impact on self-care among people with COPD,
•  Cancer patient pathways’ (CPPs) influence on organizational routines in primary care,
•  Access to cancer care through patient-physician interactions in primary care in the context of CPPs, and
•  Capacity building of middle managers in health systems using participatory action research.

I have BA in Sociology and Spanish/Latin American Studies (1989) and MA in Applied Sociology (1999), both from American University, Washington D.C. I have a PhD in Sociology (2010) and Associate Professorship of Sociology (2015), both from Umeå University. I am a member of the International Sociological Association and Swedish Association of Gender Researchers.

Key words: activist organizations, feminism, gender justice, Latin America, safety practices, social movements, sexual and reproductive rights, young adults

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