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Staff photo Anna Gustavsson

Anna Gustavsson

I am research engineer at Plant Physiology / UPSC and take care of confocal microscopy (CLSM), work environment issues, organization of lab, booking of personal space at UPSC, AMO, AO.

Works at

Senior research engineer at Department of Plant Physiology Units: Umeå Plant Science Centre - UmU

I am first research engineer at Pland Physiology / UPSC (Umeå Plant Science Center) where I work with:

1. Responsibility for our confocal microscopes (CSLM) with introductions, technical assistance and problem solving.

2. Work environment issues as a work environment representative. I am also involved in organizing this work so that we follow work environment rules and other important laws in the area.

3. Organization and purchasing for laboratory activities where I and my close colleagues ensure that equipment is available and works, that the lab is in order, that those doing lab work do it safely, that consumables are available and that chemicals are handled correctly.

4. Booking of personal labs and office spaces for those working at UPSC.

5. Workplace representative at Plant Physology for SACO-s.



I have a PhD and have worked with microscopy throughout my research time from working with the second commercial confocal microscope that was commercialy sold until today with much more advanced systems. During my years at UPSC, I have given introductions to everyone who uses a confocal microscope, managed technical service and been highly involved in the purchase of new systems.

I have a broad background in molecular biology and have worked with interaction between mammalian cells and bacteria, biofilm of dental bacteria and with polarity and cell division in plant cells.

Most recently, I have started work with work environment issues and union work to satisfy a good work environment in the workplace and that employment takes place in a correct manner.


Education and work

First research engineer at Plant Physiology, Umeå University / UPSC (2009-)

Post-doc at Indiana University School of Dentistry, Indiana, USA (2004-2008)

PhD student at the Department of Molecular Biology at Umeå University (1999-2004)

Master's degree in Molecular Biology at Umeå University (1993-1998)

Nature and environmental protection at Ölands folkhögskola (1992-1993)

Upper secondary school: Technical direction with a specialization in chemistry at Strömbackaskolan in Piteå (1990-1992)

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