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Annika Bindler

I work as an academic writing teacher at the Academic Resource Centre located in the University Library. 

Works at

Academic writing instructor at Umeå University Library Section: Scholarly Communication Section
Hus D, Mediagränd 24 Umeå universitetsbibliotek, 901 74 Umeå

As part of a team of experienced writing teachers, academic skills tutors and university librarians, I strive to make the skills necessary for students at university more visible and attainable. I work with students, from the undergraduate to the PhD level, from all of the different faculties at the University, when they feel they need more explicit information and useful strategies concerning their academic literacy skills, for example, academic writing, presenting, time management, critical reading, information retrieval, and citing sources. 

Universitetspedagogiska konferensen 2017: undervisning i praktiken – föreläsning, flexibelt eller mitt emellan?, Umeå: Universitetspedagogik och lärandestöd (UPL), Umeå universitet 2017 : 54-55
Bindler, Annika; Vu, Mai Trang; Olsson, Magnus
Third International Conference on Academic Writing, "Building Bridges through Academic Writing: Research, Policy, and Practice", Tel Aviv, Israel, June 27-28, 2016
Bindler, Annika; Olsson, Magnus
URKUND PEPP-talks 2016, Bromma, Sweden, August 26 2016
Bindler, Annika; Olsson, Magnus

Why embedded teaching?
Research and writing are intertwined processes. At the end of this process is typically a product, such as a text or a presentation as a part of the requirement in a course. As writing teachers and librarians, we can work in the classroom together with the teacher to help students understand what the process and product require of them. These skills are better understood and developed within the context of the subject.

Our student body is diverse and many students may not be fully equipped with the level of academic literary skills expected at university. Together with departments we can share in the common goal to see that students can have the necessary knowledge and skills to achieve their own academic success.

How can we collaborate with you?
We can work with departments to determine in what courses and assignments are suitable for our areas of expertise. In this way, together we can plan how students can systematically advance their academic literacy skills throughout the program.

Here are some examples of past successful collaborations:
Journal reading club
The Manifesto
Presenting your work
The Literature Review
Constructing the argument in your text
Deciphering the assignment prompt and structuring and organizing the answer
Orchestrating a master's thesis

As fellow educators we always happy to discuss ways assignments can capture students’ literacy skills or different ways to provide feedback to students on their assignments.

We also have a range of open lectures and workshops to which you can refer your students. Another valuable service we offer is the one-on-one tutorial, where we meet students individually to discuss how they can move forward with their work.

Feel free to link to our website in your course forum so that your students can access our current schedule of activities. Please tell your students about us and that we encourage them to visit us sooner, rather than later, and certainly not right before their deadline.

We are so much more than problem fixers!