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Antti Perälä

Main research interests: Complex Analysis, Operator Theory and their applications.






Works at

MIT-huset, plan 3, Matematik och matematisk statistik, MIT.B.337 Umeå universitet, 901 87 Umeå


Seminar in Mathematical Modelling and Analysis


  • 2007 Bachelor of Science, University of Helsinki
  • 2008 Master of Science, University of Helsinki
  • 2011 Doctor of Philosophy, University of Helsinki
  • 2017 Title of Docent, University of Eastern Finland


My research focuses on functional analysis, complex variables and operator theory. In particular, I have been interested in various concrete operators (Toeplitz, Hankel, Volterra etc.) on spaces of analytic functions. Common topics are their operator theoretic properties and their spectra, as well as the related optimization problems. I am also interested in applications to other areas of mathematics and science.


New York journal of mathematics, Electronic Journals Project 2022, Vol. 28 : 958-969
Eskandari, Setareh; Abkar, Ali; Åhag, Per; et al.
Analysis & PDE, Mathematical Sciences Publishers (MSP) 2021, Vol. 14, (7) : 2047-2068
Liu, Congwen; Perälä, Antti; Si, Jiajia
Complex Analysis and Operator Theory, Springer nature 2021, Vol. 15, (3)
Pang, Changbao; Perälä, Antti; Wang, Maofa

Research groups

Group member