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Claes-Göran Sundell



Works at

Affiliated as other position at Department of Community Medicine and Rehabilitation Section: Affiliated, Sports Medicine
-, Biologihuset Umeå universitet, 901 87 Umeå
Umeå University medical dissertations, 2014
Sundell, Claes-Göran
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Sundell, Claes-Göran; Bergström, Erik; Larsén, Karin
Journal of Exercise, Sports & Orthopedics, Vol. 5, (1)
Sundell, Claes-Göran; Jonsson, Håkan; Ådin, L.; et al.
Journal of Exercise, Sports & Orthopedics, Symbiosis Group 2017, Vol. 4, (1)
Sundell, Claes-Göran; Adin, Lars; Larsen, Karin
International Journal of Sports Medicine, Vol. 34, (3) : 263-267
Sundell, Claes-Göran; Jonsson, H.; Ådin, L.; et al.