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Constanze Hirt

Works at

Arkitekthögskolan, Östra Strandgatan 30c Umeå universitet, Arkitekthögskolan, SE-90187 Umeå

I am an architect working as a lecturer and researcher with a special interest in circularity.
My work focuses on holistic design processes of structures, climate adaptation, building from waste and self-sufficient living.
I studied architecture at the University of Applied Sciences in Munich, Germany, and completed a Master's degree at the Berlage Institute, Rotterdam in the Netherlands. 
Since 2007, I have been teaching at the TU Munich, School of Engineering and Design at the Chair for Urban Design and Regional Planning and as researcher and lecturer at the Chair forDesign, Construction and Materials Research. 
After 14 years of architectural practice internationally, I started CUCON architecture in 2014 with a  focus on new planning strategies for housing and the conversion of existing buildings. 
Teaching and implementing what is planned from concept to realisation is a reciprocal effect of my work, where the knowledge from the theoretical discourse translates into the building process and vice versa.
At UMA, I am part of the Designing Cycles at 64° research project with a focus on structural design and the use of regional resources and reused materials for greenhouse extensions and envelopes in a subarctic climate. 
This is a continuation of my previous research in the low-cost lab at TU Munich with an interest in low-tech architecture from waste materials such as textiles.
In terms of education, I am responsible for the bachelor studio CLOSING LOOPS and part of the building technology teaching team.  


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Redeker, Cornelia; Thor, Sara; Hirt, Constanze