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Diego Varela Rey

I am a postdoctoral researcher in Felipe Cava's group. My research focuses on the understanding of microbial resistance and cell wall biology.



Works at

Affiliated as scholarship at Department of Molecular Biology
6K och 6L, Sjukhusområdet Umeå universitet, 901 87 Umeå

I obtained my PhD in the Advances Program in Microbial and Parasitic Biology at the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC). I have extensive experience in various research fields working in different laboratories and topics. These include diagnosing and identifying pathogenic bacteria in aquaculture, characterizing Quorum quenching enzymes, developing chips for in situ contaminant detection or exploring phage therapy against pathogenic bacteria. During my academic career I expanded my knowledge in bacteriology, molecular biology techniques, and handling different animal models. My PhD focused on the study of siderophores and membrane receptors; focused in their implications for pathogenesis and their use as targets for antimicrobials (Trojan horse strategies) and their direct use as vaccines.

My current research in the Felipe Cava lab at Umeå University in Sweden involves two key areas: arsenate resistance in Vibrio cholerae and the identification of new cell wall determinants in Photobacterium damselae. In the study of Vibrio cholerae, I investigate the mechanisms that enable the bacteria to resist arsenate, which has significant implications for understanding bacterial survival in contaminated environments. In parallel, I explore the structural and functional aspects of cell wall components in Photobacterium damselae, aiming to uncover novel determinants that contribute to its pathogenicity and overall cellular integrity. These research projects contribute to a broader understanding of microbial resistance and cell wall biology.

PLOS Genetics, Public Library of Science (PLoS) 2024, Vol. 20, (4)
Obando, Manuela Alvarado; Rey-Varela, Diego; Cava, Felipe; et al.

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