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Emil Andersen



Works at

CIRC, Abisko Naturvetenskapliga Station, Vetenskapens väg 38, Abisko Umeå universitet, 901 87 Umeå

My research aims to better understand plant-soil-microbe interactions in the cold winter season of the Arctic. I will study this through nitrogen cycling in different plant groups and species to uncover differences in nutrient uptake and activity at different times of the year and link it to availability. By understanding plant activity during the winter I hope to cast a light on climate change and winter warming in the Arctic ecosystem.

My main supervisor is Ellen Dorrepaal, my co-supervisor is Johan Olofsson.

I am residing at CIRC in Abisko. CIRC homepage

Plant and Soil, Springer 2020, Vol. 455, (1-2) : 241-255
Andersen, Emil Alexander Sherman; Michelsen, Anders; Fenger-Nielsen, Rasmus; et al.