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Ethan Paul Nowak

(he/they) I am associate professor in philosophy and representative for equal opportunities. I work primarily in the philosophy of language, in both its theoretical and practical dimensions.

Research qualifications: Docent



Works at

Associate professor (on leave) at Department of Historical, Philosophical and Religious Studies Section: Philosophy
A, Humanisthuset, HUM.C.108 Umeå universitet, 901 87 Umeå

Ethan Nowak is Associate Professor (Senior Lecturer) in Philosophy, and is one of the department’s equal opportunities representatives. Some of his work involves detailed questions about how language works at the level of the compositional semantics. Some of it is connected with broader themes from ethics, social philosophy, and politics, involving questions about how we use language in constructing our identities and shaping our communities.

His personal website is available at: ethannowak.net

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