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Himanshu Sharma

Himanshu Sharma has been awarded the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions postdoctoral fellowship to investigate the infection mechanisms of the intriguing parasites Microsporidia.



Works at

Postdoctoral fellow at Department of Medical Biochemistry and Biophysics Section: Lars-Anders Carlson group
Kemihuset (K), Campus, Umeå Umeå universitet, 901 87 Umeå

Himanshu studied engineering at Kurukshetra University and discovered his fascination for macromolecular complexes and their central role in maintaining critical cellular processes. To further this interest, he pursued a PhD in ribosome biology at the Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, India. At the end of his PhD, he changed his research direction and model systems to understand pathogenesis by eukaryotic parasites using cryo-electron microscopy.

Himanshu is passionate about understanding macromolecular complexes and infectious organisms. Currently, he is investigating mechanisms of host cell invasion by Microsporidia parasites using biophysical, biochemical and cell biology tools in Jonas Barundum lab. Parallelly, he also works on understanding the infection mechanisms of viruses at the Lars-Anders Carlson lab.

Besides research, Himanshu likes to get involved in administrative and teamwork roles. He was a member of the Work Environment and Health Group at the Department of Molecular Biology, Umeå University and is part of the Umeå Postdoc Society.

In media:

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