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Johan Unge

MicroED speicalist, staff scientist at UCEM for MicroED services, developer and researcher.



Works at

Staff scientist at Department of Chemistry
KBC-huset (KB), Linnaeus väg 10 Umeå universitet, 901 87 Umeå

Since education in MicroED at UCLA by Prof. Gonen I have been working with the development and research wihin MicroED and electron diffraction. I am also employed as staff scientist to support the MicroED activities at UCEM, Umeå Universitet.

MicroED is a CryoEM method to determine the 3D structure of any kind of material, including proteins, natural products and small molcules such as pharaceutical components. MicroED resquires nano sized crystal of the sample and complements other methods such as X-ray crystallography and CryoEM Single Particle Analysis. The technique is similar to X-ray crystallography and CryoEM but with some differences. Conducts service for academia and companies with MicroED and develops and researches to make the method better and more accessible.​

You are most welcome with projects for collaborations. 

Students are most welcome to work on interesting developments or structural projects using MicroED and top notch electron microscopes.