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Staff photo Josy ter Beek

Josy ter Beek

Senior research engineer in Ronnie Berntssons group. Our research is focussed on Type 4 secretion systems, which bacteria use to spread antibiotic resistance and virulence factors.



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I have a PhD in biochemistry and am working as a senior research engineer in the group of Ronnie Berntsson. The research in our group focuses on Type 4 secretion systems in gram positive bacteria. These secretion systems are used by bacteria to transfer DNA: thereby spreading antibiotic resistance and virulence factors.

During my first 4 years at Umeå university, I have investigated the Fe-S cluster that is present in DNA polymerase epsilon (as a postdoc in the group of Erik Johansson). Prior to that, I studied proton transfer in a heme copper oxidase (during my Postdoc at Stockholm University) and during my PhD research I was involved in the discovery and initial characterization of ECF-type ABC transporters (in the membrane enzymology group at the University in Groningen, the Netherlands).

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Please check my personal webpage. You can also view my page on Researchgate, LinkedIn, or follow me on Twitter @Josy_terBeek.

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