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Staff photo Jurgen Schleucher

Jurgen Schleucher

My research area is biomolecular function from molecular scale to global scale.



Works at

KB. H6, Campus, Umeå Umeå universitet, 901 87 Umeå

Proteins and nucleic acids carry out the body's functions. We investigate their structures and dynamics, to understand how they work in health and disease. The picture shows the epsilon RNA of the Hepatitis B virus, it contains nucleotides that are mobile (colored) yet conserved, indicating that structure and molecular mobility are optimized in evolution.

Stable isotopes occur everywhere in nature. We use them as tracers of metabolic regulation, from the scale of biochemical pathways to the global biosphere. Which enzymes regulate pathways in unperturbed organisms? How will the global photosynthesis respond to Climate Change?

NMR methods development is a central complement to both research fields.

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Research groups

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Jürgen Schleucher Lab