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Linda Nyström Hagfors

I'm a registered dietitian with a doctorate in Food and Nutrition. My teaching mainly involves research methodology, public health nutrition as well as supervising and examining thesis work.



Works at

Lärarutbildningshuset, Plan 4, Lärarutbildningshuset Umeå universitet, 901 87 Umeå

What I do at the Department of Food Nutrition and Culinary Science

I mainly work with teaching on several of the department's educations and independent courses. I also work with research and doctoral supervision.


As a PhD student, I worked with a dietary intervention study where we investigated the effects of a Mediterranean-type diet on rheumatoid arthritis. In this study, we made a thorough assessment of the dietary intake of the participants and the dietary assessment was validated with biological markers of dietary intake. This piqued my interest in dietary assessment methodology and the importance of evaluating the validity of dietary data. This is something I still work with both in research projects and in my teaching. My current research is mainly focused on nutrition in relation to cardiovascular disease.

Doctoral supervision

I am currently co-supervisor for PhD student Henrik Hagström within a research project carried out at the Department of Public Health and Clinical Medicine. In this project, we investigate low-carb high-fat diet in relation to risk factors of cardiovascular disease.


My teaching involves supervising and examining theses on ground- and advanced level. I am also the course coordinator of some our bachelor’s thesis courses. Apart from that my teaching is mainly focused on dietary assessment methods, diet and public health and scientific method.


I am a registered dietitian with a doctorate in food and nutrition. I did both my undergraduate and postgraduate studies at the Department of Food and Nutrition in Umeå. During my postgraduate studies, I was also an exchange doctoral student at Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh. After my doctoral education, I have mainly worked as a senior lecturer at the department and for a short period I also worked as a dietitian in pediatric care at Karolinska University Hospital.

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