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The Individual and Society

Research group In order to understand food’s importance in relation to the individual and society, it has to be studied in context.

The current ProMeal Project sees school as an institution, the individual as a student, and the school lunch as both food and a place to eat.

Other projects study how students experience the education received in the subject Home and Consumer studies and the social basis for learning, as well as youth with a dietary-related illness. Depending on the basis for the analysis, a phenomenon will be seen from different perspectives: For example, those of gender, social identity, and socioeconomic status. The methods for data collection used up to this point, are narratives, personal interviews, focus groups, and observational studies.

In earlier studies we have, among other things, studied how our choice of food is affected by socioeconomic status, and how conformity and gender influences young people with Celiac Disease who have been directed to eat gluten free food for the rest of their lives.

Head of research

Latest update: 2018-12-03