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Lourdes Martinez

I am a postdoctoral researcher working in Felipe Cava's group in the Department of Molecular Biology and IceLab. My research focuses on Systems Biology of the bacterial cell wall.



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Affiliated as scholarship at Department of Molecular Biology Section: Research group Felipe Cava
6K och 6L, Sjukhusområdet Umeå universitet, 901 87 Umeå

I completed my PhD focused on Systems Biology at the Department of Microbiology and Parasitology (University of Seville). During my PhD studies, my research focused on advancing the understanding of metabolic adaptation in halophilic bacteria, to produce compounds of biotechnological and biomedical interest. In particular, I specialized in the modeling of metabolic networks and the exploitation of high-throughput omics data to better understand biological systems.

My current research in Felipe Cava lab at Umeå University in Sweden, focuses on innovative antimicrobial strategies to combat multidrug-resistant bacterial pathogens. Thiswork involves the use of different multidisciplinary techniques, both Bioinformatics and Molecular Biology. Specifically, I am exploring the intricate variations of cell wall biogenesis in Vibrio cholerae. This research is crucial to gain a comprehensive understanding of cell wall biology in nature and its importance in adapting to the environment, improving strategies to cope with infectious diseases.

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