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Staff photo Maria Forsman

Maria Forsman

LL.D. Senior Lecturer / Associate Professor. Distinguished Teacher. Researcher.



Works at

Associate professor at Department of Law

My teaching and research interests include in particular children's rights, child (abuse) law and lawyering, social justice (social/welfare law), human rights, elder law, victimology, legal ethics and cause lawyering.


  • See Research and Publications

Current participation in International/European research projects:

Research Supervision:
Since Aug. 2018, I (together with professors Kirsten Sandberg and Örjan Edström) supervise Marie L. Nordvik's doctoral project in child welfare law and children's rights.

Teaching areas and pedagogical responsibilities:

Appointed Excellent Teacher (highest level) in Umeå University's pedagogical qualification model.
Member of the Education Committe at the Department of Law, Feb 2019-
Member of the Programme Council for the Social Work Programme, at the Department of Social Work, Feb 2018--

  • Current teaching  - see Teaching.
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Forsman, Maria
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Forsman, Maria
  • Course coordinator and main teacher of Child Law 15, on advanced level for the Master of Laws Programme and Social Work Programme jointly
  • Supervising master essays at the Master of Laws programme
  • Teaching in the subject areas of child law, elder law, social law and criminal law in the Social Work Programme and the Master of Laws programme, and
  • external, educative days and projects