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Maria Podkorytova

My research is devoted to local effects of economic globalization. It is important for me to show that globalization is not unified but rather complex and spatially unequal process.

Works at

Doctoral student at Department of Geography Section: Geography

My PhD research shows how globalization process is diverse in different localities and contexts. I focus on global service companies from the sectors of accountancy, advertising, banking, insurance, law and management. These companies provide business-to-business services worldwide, so they improve conditions for spatial sprawl of other businesses. I consider it important to show how these companies construct cross-border interactions in different countries and how they change local labor markets. I think it is the way to better understand the local effects of globalization and improve the approaches to regional development.

Eurasian geography and economics
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Frost, Irina; Podkorytova, Maria

I participate in teaching of the course "GIS and Spatial Analysis". I also occasionally teach in open workshops devoted to visualisation of scientific data.