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Maxim Vlasov

Assistant professor in entrepreneurship



Works at

Associate professor at Umeå School of Business, Economics and Statistics (USBE) Section: Business Administration, Entrepreneurship
Organization, Sage Publications 2023, Vol. 30, (4) : 668-693
Vlasov, Maxim; Heikkurinen, Pasi; Bonnedahl, Karl Johan
Organization & environment, Sage Publications 2021, Vol. 34, (4) : 559-580
Vlasov, Maxim
Fronesis, Malmö: Tidskriftsföreningen Fronesis 2021, Vol. 72-73 : 109-126
Vlasov, Maxim; Ekberg, Kristoffer
Studier i företagsekonomi. Serie B
Vlasov, Maxim
Sustainability, Ethics, Entrepreneurship (SEE) Conference 2018, Washington DC, March 1 - 4
Vlasov, Maxim
Journal of Enterprising Communities: People and Places in the Global Economy, Emerald Group Publishing Limited 2018, Vol. 12, (3) : 374-394
Vlasov, Maxim; Bonnedahl, Karl Johan; Vincze, Zsuzsanna
Strongly sustainable societies: organising human activities on a hot and full Earth, Routledge 2018 : 249-268
Vlasov, Maxim; Vincze, Zsuzsanna
4th Nordic Conference onConsumer Research: Book of Abstracts
Vlasov, Maxim; Mark-Herbert, Cecilia

Entrepreneurship, business development, social and environmental entrepreneurship, sustainability