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Staff photo Maxim Vlasov

Maxim Vlasov

Assistant professor in entrepreneurship with research direction - organizing in/for a post-growth world



Works at

Associate professor at Umeå School of Business, Economics and Statistics (USBE) Units: Business Administration, Entrepreneurship

Maxim runs the project "Once you know: A pilot-study into the hope(lessness) of sustainability academics in relation to social-ecological collapse". The purpose is to explore how sustainability academics deal with their feelings and existential questions that arise with the knowledge about ecological catastrophes and possible societal collapse. The project is seed-funded by J Gust. Richert stiftelse.

Maxim has defended his PhD thesis on ecological entrepreneurship within the back-to-the-land movement in Sweden. His thesis starts with the premise that to address ecological and climate crises, we need to understand their psychological and cultural roots found in the separation of modern societies from the natural world. The thesis develops a process theory of ecological embedding by which an ecopreneur is becoming more rooted in the land and the non-human that provides the ecological conditions for life and economic activity. The overall contribution consists in using the voices of back-to-the-landers in order to present their everyday experiences and critical knowledges about ecological embedding and transitions to a society that lives within planetary boundaries.

Maxim's research interests include environmental sustainability, discourses on collapse and transition, degrowth, organization theory, grassroots movements, ecopsychology, and qualitative methods. He is coordinator for Research Institute for Sustainability and Ethics in Business (RiseB) and member in Sustainable Change Research Network (SUCH).

Maxim is also educator and facilitator with experience from university and civil society, with great interest for co-creative processes, transformative learning, and transition to regenerative communities beyond economic growth.

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Business administration, social and ecological entrepreneurship, sustainability